Guildford Travel Club Presents

Members' Social & Memories of a Life of Travel

29th November 2016

Audrey Olley

The Speaker

Join us for our annual members' social evening. We start with a photo quiz compiled by Harry and Jean Wickens. We will then enjoy a BYO buffet, and in the second half of the evening listen to a short travel talk given by Audrey Olley.

Audrey joined the Travel Club in 1968 following a trip through Finland to Lapland. She served 22 years on the committee acting as programme secretary, treasurer and chairman during that period and also spent three years as president.

She started travelling in her late teens initially around Europe and has visited around 100 countries, taken thousands of pictures and given nearly 1000 talks about her adventures including 18 talks to the Club.

“Memories” covers over 30 of the countries Audrey has travelled to including Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Mali all of which are no longer safe to visit. On this whirlwind talk we will also see other African countries, the Indian sub-continent, the Far East, the Arctic and Antarctica and South America to name but a few!

Dar al Hajar - The Rock House, Yemen
Antarctic penguins
Smile for the camera!
In Africa
Muslim Gathering