Guildford Travel Club Presents

Wildlife Exposed

13th December 2016

Paul Goldstein

The Speaker
The Masai Mara, the icy treasures of Antarctica and the Arctic and numerous felines from the Pantanal to India feature in Paul’s constantly updated wildlife lecture. For any photographer or wilderness fan these presentations are a must. Whether you are a beginner or expert or just love animals (particularly predators) this will be a spectacular evening of largely new images. Paul is more outspoken and opinionated than ever about the endangered species he is so feverishly passionate about.  “If you want to learn how to be a wildlife photographer no-one will drag you up the learning curve quicker.”  - Sunday Times.

Paul Goldstein is provocative in everything he does, whether photographing, guiding, presenting or fund-raising. His jobs consist of cramming in a full-time career with a tour operator, owning four safari camps in Kenya, guiding all over the world, fund-raising for tigers and other persecuted species and writing.

Amongst his many pet hates are Chinese traditional medicine, management consultants, politicians, Powerpoint presentations (almost all of them), childish wildlife presenters, meetings over six minutes long and Nikon users (that last one is a joke).

He is happiest on in the Conservancies of the Masai Mara or the decks of the Sergey Vavilov. Among his closest friends are Chris Packham and Mark Carwardine, once or twice they have even agreed with him. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Ice-free Polar Bear
African sunset
In flight
Backlit leopard