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Gilf Kebir – The Land of the English Patient

17th January 2017

Chris Scott

Gilf Kebir
In 1982 Chris Scott’s first visit to the Sahara ended with a ruptured motorcycle fuel tank somewhere south of Tamanrasset. It took several more visits before he was able to get beyond the immediate perils of simply surviving desert travel. In the Sahara, he’s found, one must pay one’s dues. His journeys have led him right across Algeria, Mali and Libya as well as Niger’s legendary Tenere desert to witness a total eclipse, and an unprecedented crossing of the Majabat al Kouba, the Sahara’s ‘Empty Quarter’.

All these seemingly desolate places have their curiosities, none more so than south-west Egypt’s little-known Gilf Kebir, where relics from distant geological epochs lie scattered alongside prehistoric rock art and the detritus of recent wars.

Since 1982 Chris has undertaken forty expeditions through the Sahara, from Egypt to the Atlantic by motorcycle, 4WD, M.A.N truck, Mercedes saloon car, bush taxi and with camel caravans.

All this has enabled him to gain an unparalleled knowledge of the practicalities of desert travel across the entire Sahara, both as a tourist, a driver, rider, trekker and as a tour leader.

Rock Art
Prehistoric Rock Art
Dune riding
Riding Some Dunes
Desert fuel dump
Fuel Dump
Gilf Kebir
Gilf Kebir Scenery