Guildford Travel Club Presents

AGM & Secret Serbia

25th April 2017

Janet Parsons

Lying at the crossroads of Europe and the heart of the Balkan Peninsula Serbia emerged from a long and troubled history to become an independent republic only in 2006. Ten years later it is opening its doors and word is beginning to spread that Serbia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Janet travelled through the country in May 2016 visiting many of the Orthodox monasteries in remote locations, some hidden in dense forests, others surrounded by high stone walls and still standing today as pillars of Serbian tradition and culture.

She visited the capital Belgrade, as well as the historic towns of Novi Sad, Nis, and Novi Pazar the cultural centre of the Bosniaks with its large Muslim population, where the Turkish influence remains strong and minarets pierce the skyline.  In contrast the "ethno-village" of Sirogojno on the slopes of Mt. Zlatibor in western Serbia is set in an alpine landscape where traditional wooden buildings from the surrounding region have been reconstructed on a beautiful hillside site.

Janet’s talk will follow the AGM and will give an overview of this country from the Danube to the southern border with Bulgaria.

Staro Hopovo monastery in Fruska Gora
Sirogojno ethno-village on Mount Zlatibor
Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas Novi Sad
Bali-Bey Mosque Nis Fortress