Guildford Travel Club Presents

Colorado – The Great Unknown

20th February 2018

Dominic Faulkner

The Speaker

After climbing Mt Everest in 2006 (the subject of his last talk to the Club), mountaineer Dominic Faulkner was after a very different kind of challenge. Inspired by the diaries of John Wesley Powell he bought a kayak online and flew to Wyoming to begin a solo adventure. He had a steep learning curve as the Green River swept him through the remote canyons and stunning geology of Utah and Colorado. These are some of the most protected and remote areas of the USA, including Dinosaur National Monument, Flaming Gorge and Desolation Canyon.

Dom had to deal with solitude as well as the challenges of the river, close encounters with snakes and dehydration. En route he learned much about the journey that Powell had survived as well as the haunting evidence of earlier explorers.

The story of Dom’s journey is illustrated with stunning images and video clips.

Green River Overlook, Canyonlands, Utah, USA
River Camp
Colorado river seen from from Dead Horse Point, Utah, USA
Denis Julien inscription, Hellroaring Canyon, Utah, USA