Guildford Travel Club Presents

Members' only Social Evening, Palestine: Beyond the Wall

4th December 2018

Janet Parsons

The Speaker

Join us for our annual members' social evening. We start with a photo quiz compiled by Harry and Jean Wickens, with a theme of 'Christmas around the world'. We will then enjoy a BYO buffet, and in the second half of the evening listen to a short travel talk given by our Chairman, Janet Parsons.

Janet travelled through Palestine last year - an ancient land of limestone hills, crowned by scattered villages and more recently dense clusters of Israeli settlements.

Driving north from the Separation Wall surrounding Bethlehem one reaches the Judean desert, rich in remarkable sites and buildings. Very few tours visit places like Mar Saba, Hisham’s Palace or the palm shaded oases of this beautiful landscape. 

Janet went with the Palestine Exploration Fund, meeting some of the hospitable Palestinian people across the West Bank including Bedouins and the Samaritan community with their ancient customs.  We also see the holy sites in Hebron, a volatile city where tensions run high, Qumran and Temple Mount in Jerusalem - a significant site to the three major world religions.

The Separation Wall, Bethlehem
The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
A high priest of the Samaritan community