Guildford Travel Club Presents

Kyrgyzstan: Nomads in the Tian Shan

18th December 2018

Sam McManus

The Speaker

Sam McManus spent so much of his life hiking and exploring the more remote corners of the world (and enjoyed doing it!) that he founded a company that helps other people do the same thing. Kyrgyzstan is still one of his most beloved favourites in terms of the nomadic culture and spectacular untouched scenery still accessible in the high Tian Shan Mountains on the country’s Eastern border with China.

The talk will encompass his experiences hiking and horse riding on both classic and completely wild routes, the great lakes, the ancient Silk Road and also climbing the rarely summited Peak Palatka (4740m). You will also hear descriptions of the incredible 2018 World Nomad Games; with nomad polo, archery on horseback, wrestling, falconry and much more!

There is more information about Sam as well as opportunities to travel to Krygystan on his company website.

Traditional nomad sports!
Climbing Peak Palatka (4740m)
Junior nomad athletes
Wild mountain scenery
Yurts in the snow