Guildford Travel Club Presents

Through Sand & Snow

19th March 2019

Charlie Walker

The Speaker

In 2010 Charlie embarked on an odyssey that lasted four years and covered 46,000 miles through Europe, Asia and Africa by foot, bicycle, horse and dugout canoe.

Charlie’s journey was a quest to reach the furthest cape in each of Europe, Asia and Africa. The challenges along the way were varied and numerous. Charlie pedalled across the Sahara twice, was frostbitten during an illegal mid-winter crossing of Tibet, suspected of espionage in Iran, attacked by a village mob in Ethiopia, struck down with Malaria in the Congo and mistaken for Jesus in Rwanda!

Formerly a journalist on a national paper, Charlie now works full time as an adventurer, writer and speaker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has spoken to festivals, conferences, schools and travel clubs in several countries. His work has featured in a range of publications including: The Times, the Daily Express, Wanderlust, Travelmag, Travel Africa and Sidetracked. He has written a book about his experiences on this journey.

For more Charlie and his adventures take a look at his website.

At least cycling uphill keeps you warm
Transport by dugout canoe
A fine view from camp
Camp fire conversation
Goat transportation