Guildford Travel Club Presents

The Ancient trails of Japan

3rd March 2020

Jon Barber


For the past two years, Jon has returned to his favourite country to take on two of Japan’s most spiritual hiking trails, the Nakasendo and the Kumano Kodo, found on Honshu Island.

During his talk, Jon will share his tales from the trails, alongside sharing images of stunning landscapes taken in spring and autumn, plus a few insiders’ tips to explore Japan, off the beaten track.  Find out about what it is like to stay in a traditional Ryokan, the correct etiquette for using the Onsen, the rejuvenating powers of Shintoism and his favourite topic, the soulful delights of Japanese cuisine.

Kumano forest
Steps leading through the forest, Kumano Kodō trail
kumano kodo
Seiganto-ji Temple and Nachi falls, Kumano Kodō trail
Autumn colour in Kamikōchi
kyoto temple
Kyoto temple
Kyoto by night
Kyoto by night