Fifty Years Ago


In the late 60s Guildford was very different to now.

University of Surrey construction
Construction of the University of Surrey
Friary brewery demolition
Demolition of the Friary Brewery in 1973

In the mid-1960s Guildford still had:

Holidays from Guildford

Leisure travel was also much different to nowadays.

SkyTours brochure
An early package holiday brochure

The Surrey Advertiser offered Holidays for £4 per week in Butlins at Clacton, Margate, Brighton or Bognor.

Camping and Caravanning holidays in the UK were popular as more people owned cars, although massive traffic jams were common in the mid-60s with few motorways.

More people were starting to go abroad with the advent of the ‘package holiday’, cheap flights and the Spanish Costas.

A week long break to Paris cost 11 & ½ guineas (approximately £12).

15 days in the Costa Brava cost 34 & ½ guineas (approximately £36).