Speakers and Programmes

world map

Is there anywhere we haven't been?

We were going to put up a map of the world and pinpoint all the places we have had talks on – but over the last 50 years we have had so many talks on different parts of the world that it would have been hard to see the map for pins!

We have had approximately 700 talks not including members evenings. The talks have covered all the continents and oceans, remote islands, and areas closer to home.

1966 & 1970 programmes

1975 & 1982 programmes

1993 programme

2006 & 2013 programmes

Or any manner of travel we haven't heard about?

Our speakers have covered various different types of travel:

Expeditions and exploration
Richard Snailham, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, John Harrison, John Blashford-Snell

Mountaineering and trekking
Chris Bonnington, George Band, Kev Reynolds, Mike Banks, Lee Farmer.

Travels by bike, motorbike and train
Josie Dew, Anne Mustoe, Sam Manicom, Paul Whittle.

Geography and the environment
Andrew Mitchell, David Edwards.

Oceans and river travel
Paul Grogan, Dea Birkett.

Plant-hunters, animals and birds
Roy Lancaster, Paul Goldstein, Jonathan Scott, John Buckingham.

Travel writers and guide books
John Pilkington, John Gimlette, Hilary Bradt, Chris MacIntyre.

Culture and history
Denise Heywood, Helena Drysdale, Viscount Norwich.

Tour leaders
Tony Escritt, Chris Bradley.

Our own members' contributions too

Full length Talks matching the 'professionals'
Audrey Olley, Chris Beynon, Harry & Jean Wickens.

Shorter Talks at AGMs and Social Evenings
Susan Holmes, Robert MacAndrew, Nick and Penny Farbridge, Peter Stewart, Elizabeth and Ben Baker, Jenny Allan and Andrew Luyten.

Members Evenings
Members have contributed talks on their travel and holiday experiences in members evenings with a very wide range of destinations and types of holiday. Often they have offered advice and recommendations based on their experiences to other members who are considering a possible destination.

These evenings have frequently taken place in member's homes (and it is possible to squeeze 15 chairs into a sitting room or conservatory),although more recently the small hall at Onslow Village has been used.