2002-2003 Calendar

Programme 2002-2003


October 2 Jona Sparey Iceland – Unique Land of Contrasts
A paradise island for ornithologists, photographers, geologists, botanists, walkers and lovers of nature.
October 16 Chris Short A Central Asian Journey
A 2,500 mile adventure which includes Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.
November 6 Paul Morrison Journey through the Falklands
Freelance journalist, travel writer and wildlife stills photographer, Paul will share his passion for the wildlife of the Falklands Islands and its remote and beautiful scenery.
November 20 Social

Annual Social for Members

December 4 Amelia Stewart Tribal Peoples and Tourism
The Bedouin of the Sinai Peninsula. Amelia talks about her connection with these people and the impact of tourism on their lives. As well as of her experiences of organising treks for students on which they learn survival skills and work on local projects currently being run in the Sinai.
December 18 Jane Angelini Mistress of the World – Constantinople to Istanbul
Historian and accomplished lecturer, Europe's art and historic treasures are Jane's particular field and Istanbul one of her greatest loves. Her unrivalled knowledge and experience will open the door to the opulence and technical and artistic sophistication achieved in Constantinople.

January 15 Kev Reynolds Alpine Points of View
Freelance writer, photographer and broadcaster, Kev has been lecturing since 1986 on his 30 years' experience of walking and climbing in the Alps. In this talk he reveals some of Europe's most dramatic scenery, its flowers, animals and villages.
January 29 John Buckingham American Wildlife – Florida, Costa Rica and Ecuador
Naturalist and widely published wildlife photographer, John is also a well-known lecturer in birds and wildlife with universities in the SE of England. He travels extensively and leads wildlife and bird watching holidays worldwide.
February 5 James Greenwood Ten Years on Horseback
James gave up a promising city banking job to travel, then worked for ten years on horseback, looking more like Clint Eastwood than the city slicker he once was.
February 19 Josie Dew A Ride in the Neon Sun
Josie has cycled all over the world but in this talk will tell about her travels in Japan.
March 5 Phil Colley A Caravan through the Orient
There is hardly a country in Asia that Phil has not visited or a mountain range he has not trekked during the course of nearly 20 years of private exploration and leading tour groups and he will share some of his profound knowledge of all things oriental.
March 19 Chris McIntyre Drive yourself Wild in Southern Africa
Writer and author of several guidebooks to countries in Southern Africa, Chris will discuss the relative merits of Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and the Cape and the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of travel.
April 2 David Edwards Montserrat – Snake Hunting under the Volcano
David witnessed close up the eruption that disrupted life on this idyllic island in 1995. See what it is like to monitor wildlife, including frogs, lizards and bats, while a volcano rages.
April 16 AGM & Wendy Suart Recollections of North Borneo
After the AGM Wendy, who spent four years in North Borneo from 1949 when it was struggling to recover from the Japanese occupation, will share her memories, illustrating her talk with costumes and other artefacts which she brought back with her from her travels.