2007-2008 Calendar

Programme 2007-2008


October 2 Col John
Blashford Snell
The Grand Adventure & Beschillo Blue Nile Expedition
The story of the delivery of a grand piano to a tribe in a remote part of Guyana & a little on the epic exploration of the Beschillo and Blue Nile Rivers in 2005.
October 16 Sam Manicom Into Africa
Upfront with adventure, mishaps, dust and heat, Sam evokes all the pleasure and pain of a 20,000 mile journey by motorcycle through a stunning land.
November 30 Audrey Olley Islands in Springtime
Audrey revisits Japan in cherry blossom time and gives glimpses of spring in other Islands near and far.
November 13 Social

Annual Social for Members

November 27 David Edwards The Juneau Icefield & The Canadian Wilderness
Stunning glacial architecture, gold panners, ghost towns and adventures in an area accessible only by float plane and boat.
December 11 Ralph Pannell Water, Wilderness and Wildlife Travel in Costa Rica
From the Pacific to the Caribbean, he will describe travel & conservation of some of the best wilderness & wildlife areas in what is often considered the home of ‘ecotourism’.

January 8 Laura Ponsonby Adventures in India
Laura describes some of her recent travels in India & focuses on the interesting role which plants have to play in everyday life..
January 22 Tony Escritt Iceland on Fire
An excursion into the fascinating and sometimes explosive landscape of the land of ice and fire by a Speaker who has spent over forty years studying the island.
February 5 David Sharp Northumberland Coastal Path
A walk along the Northumberland coast, via Dunstonburgh, Bamburgh and Lindisfarne.
February 19 John Haddon National Parks of North America
A pictorial journey through a selection of National Parks from Death Valley to Yellowstone.
March 4 Helena Drysdale Mother Tongues - Travels Through Tribal Europe
Travel writer Helena Drysdale explores the forgotten tribes of the wildest parts of western Europe.
March 18 Hilary Bradt Madagascar – In Search of the Bizarre
In search of the bizarre from giraffe-necked weevils to exhumation ceremonies this island is full of eye-popping wonders.
April 1 AGM &  Robert Macandrew Australia - a land of contrasts
A quick tour round this fascinating country, including visits to most of its major cities, and the coast and countryside in the south western and south eastern parts of the continent, the Red Centre in and around Alice Springs, and the Queensland coast. 
This talk is based on two trips made in 1998 and 2000.