2009-2010 Calendar

Programme 2009-2010


October 6 Helena Drysdale  Strangerlands ( New Zealand)
Helena travels in pursuit of her ancestral cousins, pioneers in 19th century New Zealand.
October 20 John Wood Route 66 – A Journey Along America’s Mother Road
A journey across America from Los Angeles to Chicago, following the original Route 66 & discovering a different America along the way.
November 3 Richard Snailham The Zaire River Expedition 1974-75
A challenging journey in boats down the rapid strewn length of one of the longest rivers in the world. Richard's lively narrative will keep you spellbound.
November 17 Social

Annual Social for Members

December 1 John Buckingham Australia – Birds. Wildlife, Flora and Scenery
A rare chance to share with John the beautiful birds, flowers, scenery and animals 'down under'.
December 15 Rob Lilwall  Cycling from Siberia to Papua New Guinea
Rob travels from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea, crossing the epic plains of Australia & the lonely passes of Afghanistan

January 5 Elisabeth Parry   Chile - A Short Tour of a Long Country
Elisabeth travels from Santiago southwards, visiting the Chilean Lake District, the Towers of Paine National Park & the penguins in Tierra del Fuego.


19 Paul Goldstein Great Migrations
The greatest show on earth! Come and listen to Paul as he lavishly illustrates his customary passionate commentary on the great migrations.


2 Sarah Anderson  On the Road from SW China to Tibet
Sarah has travelled widely and in this talk tells of her journey driving from SW China to Lhasa in Tibet.
February 16 Dr. Peter Brandham  All Roads Lead to Rhodes
Local atmosphere as Peter shows photos of the varied springtime botany of this wonderful magical Mediterranean island.


2 David Hamilton  Mt Everest - The Highest Job in the World
A three times Everest summiteer, David considers the risks and rewards of guiding paying clients to the top of the world's highest mountain.


16 Sam Manicom    Under Asian Skies
Sam describes a motor cycle adventure through Australia, Asia and the Middle Easy.
March 30 Richard Grundy   Tristan de Cunha – The Remotest Island in the World
Richard will highlight the extraordinary volcanic landscape, wildlife, history and lifestyle of the world's most remote community.
April 13 AGM & Kevin Brackley Laos - Exploring New Trails
Kevin travels through Laos in search of new experiences for Gecko Travel.