2010-2011 Calendar

Programme 2010-2011


October 5 Geoff Somers
Camel Odyssey - A Camel Trek across Australia
Tow pommies and three camels on a 97 day trek 1400 miles across the desert of West Australia, Perth to Ayers Rock (Uluru).
October 19 Lee Farmer
Into the Breach - Climbing Kilimanjaro
The hardest and little known route up Kilimanjaro takes walkers from a tropical to an arctic climb in just a few days.
November 2 Nick Laing
One Lap of the Mediterranean Coast on a Motor Bike
Six 50+ friends on a 9000 mile motor bike journey taking in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.
November 16 Paul Goldstein
Predator - A Tribute to Peter Stewart
Paul leads a special evening to commemorate Peter Stewart's long term involvement with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and Guildford Travel Club.
November 30 John Pilkington
A Short Stroll through the Middle East
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran are in the news for all the wrong reasons, but John spent six months travelling through them and found nothing but warmth and generosity.
December 14 John Wyatt
Cities of Vesuvius - Pompeii and Herculaneum
On the 24th August 99AD, Vesuvius erupted and froze the vibrant life of its surrounding areas into stone and mud.

January 4 Paul Whittle
China - Beyond the Great Wall
Highlights of a 2000 mile journey from bustling Beijing and Xian to the remote and bleak mountainous Jing Peng region of Inner Mongolia.
January 18 Dick Willis
Steps into Darkness, the World's Greatest Caves
Dick, explorer of the world's greatest caves, describes the risks and rewards of underground exploration in these awesome and ancient environments.
February 1 Kev Reynolds
From Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn
Two weeks along one of Europe's most spectacular mountain treks with the author of the original guidebook.
February 15 Chris Beynon
Hanoi to Ventiane on Two Wheels
Chris cycles through Northern Vietnam and Laos visiting sites of special interest along the way.
March 1 Tony Escritt
Of Elves, Trolls and Acts of Gods
A fresh look at Iceland's landscape by a speaker who has spent almost 50 years studying the island.
March 15 Laura Ponsonby
Return to India
Since her last visit to Guildford Travel CLub Laura has travelled to India on several occasions and returns to tell us of her latest adventures.
March 29 Steve Connors
Venezuela and Life in the Slums of Caracas
Steve gives a brief travelogue and outlines the development of modern Venzuela. He continues with an insight into the day to day survival for children living in Caracas.
April 5 AGM & Audrey Olley The Yemen and the Hadramaut
An unusual expedition to one of the most attractive and fascinating Arab countries.