2012-2013 Calendar

Programme 2012-2013


October 2 Lee Farmer
Dhaulagiri Trek - Western Nepal
A challenging wild trek, passing beneath the steep walls of Dhaulagiri, one of fourteen 8000m peaks. A trek of adventure and mishap.
October 16 Richard Snailham
Down Bolivian Rivers in Reed boats
Sailing Bolivian built reed boats on South American rivers to check out a suggestion that there were ancient trade routes from the New World to the Old World.
October 30 Gerald Pillai
Southern Ethiopia - The Omo Valley
Possibly the last true tribal area in the world. Gerald speaks of the rituals, dress, food and habitat of the region..
November 6 Social

Annual Social for Members

November 20 Jasper Winn
Paddle - A long Way Around Ireland
Slow adventure on a thousand mile sea kayak circumnavigation of Ireland, featuring basking sharks, seabirds, storms, pub music sessions and comic ineptitude.
December 4 Kevin Brackley
Three months studying yoga at the source, and the discovery that Mysore is more than just a palace.

January 15 Mike Laird
All Noodles and Yaks - A Wander from China to Mongolia
Mike's journey starts in Beijing, he then samples chicken feet and mare's milk whilst crossing the Gobi desert and leads you to the marvels of the Naadam Festival.
January 29 Paul Goldstein
Antarctica - Frozen Assets
'Blue chip' lecture by a Polar disciple.
February 5 Chris Beynon
Cycling in Guatemala
A feast of delights - volcanoes, lakes, Mayan culture and all enjoyed from the saddle of a mountain bike.
February 19 John Buckingham
Costa Rica - Birds, Wildlife, Flora and Scenery
This tiny country of Central America has an amazing natural diversity. We can enjoy exotic birds, lush vegetation, strange mammals and insects and beautiful dancing butterflies.
March 5 Kev Reynolds
Ten Days around Mont Blanc
Passing through France, Italy and Switzerland the Tour of Mont Blanc is rightly considered one of the world's greatest treks with magnificent scenery throughout.
March 19 Helena Drysdale
Looking for George - Love and Death in Romania
Helena's hunt for a missing poet/priest takes her to the beautiful mountains of Moldavia and also down into the labyrinthine underworld of Ceausescu's Romania.
April 2 Denise Heywood
Road to Bali
A journey through Java and Bali following in the footsteps of Stamford Raffles whose name is synonymous with a luxury hotel rather than the greatest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur.
April 16 AGM & Nicola Vidamour Russia - Six Years in Pskov
Six years in Pskov - Nicola shares her experience of living in a Russian provincial town.