Guildford Travel Club Presents

Following in Family Footsteps

15th December 2020 (change from originally advertised talk)

Andy Browning

Polar bear

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well not this one.  Having stared at the same unremarkable photo on his grandparent’s wall for years, Andy was surprised to discover not only was this picture taken in Sudan, but also the slightly dusty and angry looking man holding a bicycle was in fact his Great Grandfather – a revelation which could only lead to one thing.

Following in Family Footsteps is the story of how an old sepia photograph inspired a three-month adventure following 80-year-old family footprints through the mountains and deserts of East Africa.  As well as negotiating sandstorms, pool sharks, rogue bus drivers, active volcanoes, and some of the hottest temperatures the planet has to offer, this is also the story of an often-misunderstood corner of Africa through the eyes of two people, three generations apart.

Learn more about Andy from his website.

Afar salt mine
Afar salt mine, Ethiopia
Danakil Depression
Dallol pond, Danakil depression, Ethiopia
Meroe Pyramids
Pyramids of Meroë in a sand storm, Sudan
Simien Mountains
Simien mountains, Ethiopia
Erta Ale
Lava lake, Erte Ale, Ethiopia