Guildford Travel Club Presents

Spots and Stripes

2nd February 2021

Paul Goldstein

The Speaker

Over the last thirty years Paul, photographer, presenter and outspoken defender of persecuted species, has spent literally years with spotted and striped predators. Is Paul obsessed with big cats? Yes, obviously, but he is also disgusted at their treatment and abuse.

Paul has spent month after month chasing that ever-elusive image yet, unlike many others of his profession, has spent many hard yards raising vast sums of money for these animals.

“Today, more than ever, with the policing eyes of tourists denied them for so many months, our signature species - cheetah, leopard, jaguar and tiger - are facing enormous peril,” Paul says. He has guided literally thousands of people to see their first striped or spotted quarry and never tires of it.

An evening illustrated with many award-winning images and particularly colourful and passionate opinion. You've been warned - again!

More of Paul's images can be found on his website.

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Bows and Stripes
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