Guildford Travel Club Presents

Madagascar: The Gardens of Mars

2nd March 2021

John Gimlette

The Speaker

If Madagascar were laid out across Europe, it would stretch from London to Algiers. It's almost too big and too wild to be truly understood. After three months on the road, the writer, John Gimlette, takes us on four journeys, each highlighting a different aspect of the country from its unbelievable origins to its hardy tribes and its beautiful, lawless savannas. Prepare to be surprised. This is an African country but settled - and dominated - by people from Borneo, 3,700 miles away across the Indian Ocean. Malagasies will spend more on their tombs than they do on their houses, and yet it's always you - the foreigner - who's seen as odd and unlucky.

John Gimlette is an award-winning travel writer, having won the prestigious Shiva Naipaul Prize for travel writing in 1997. He also regularly contributes articles and photographs to a wide range of magazines and broadsheet newspapers, and his books have featured on BBC Radio 4. Find out more about John by visiting his website.

Sakalava militiaman with chameleon
River Tsiribihina - women porters at Tsaraotana
Bekopaka wrestlers face to face
The FCE train passes through mountain terraces