Guildford Travel Club Presents

Wild(life) Swimming and Sleeping

5th October 2021

Phoebe Smith

diving with crocs

Phoebe has made it her life's mission to spend a significant amount of time sleeping wild, opting to head to remote and extreme environments to ensure she has the best encounters with the animals that call these places home. From sleeping high in trees to night diving with the manta rays, all whilst highlighting major conservation issues in the national media. In her talk she reveals the best places on our planet for close encounters of the wildlife kind, from the easy to those requiring effort - but all life-changing. But be warned - you'll need a warm sleeping bag, a wetsuit and a head for heights to enjoy some of them!

Read more about Phoebe on her website.
Portaledging in Colorado
St Lucia diving
Spectacular diving in St Lucia
Andorra - sleeping in a tent!