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  • Krak des Chavaliers

    Syria – A View from the Inside

    October 4th

    Diana Darke

    Using the prism of her courtyard house in Old Damascus, Diana takes us on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Syrian society and culture.

  • Rosie hauling trailer

    Just a Little Run Around the World

    October 18th

    Rosie Swale-Pope

    Rosie is the only person to have run unsupported around the world, over 20,000 miles, facing extreme danger, Siberian winters, wolves, axemen and loneliness over five years.

  • North Korean conscripts

    N. Korea – Grenades in the Schoolyard

    November 1st

    Catherine Moorehead

    Catherine visits this oddest and most secretive country, chartering a train, an asthmatic aeroplane and a boat; reaching parts visited by few if any other Westerners.

  • Volcano looming over ruins

    Tragedy of Pompeii - Living with Volcanoes

    November 15th

    David Edwards

    Using his expertise as a guide to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius, David looks at the fascinating stories to be gleaned from these world famous sites.

  • Tribal women

    Members' Social & A Life of Travel

    November 29th

    Audrey Olley

    Join us for our annual social evening. Over the past 50 years Audrey has travelled to places no longer safe to visit and seen many endangered animals. This talk covers her most memorable experiences.

  • Lian and wildebeest

    Wildlife Exposed

    December 13th

    Paul Goldstein

    From the Masai Mara to India, the Arctic and Antarctica, an evening of wildlife through the lens with award winning photographer, guide and presenter Paul Goldstein.

  • Selima dune

    Gilf Kebir – The Land of the English Patient

    January 17th

    Chris Scott

    Sahara specialist Chris Scott recalls four decades of travel across the Sahara, then takes a closer look at Egypt’s obscure and fascinating Gilf Kebir region.

  • Camping in autumnal woods

    A Winter’s Walk from Munich to Paris

    January 31st

    Jasper Winn

    History, wildlife, and the realities of modern rural Europe, explored on foot in a gruelling five hundred mile straight-line winter walk between Munich and Paris.

  • Novice buddhist monk

    Travels in the NE Frontier Agency of India

    February 7th

    Alan Palmer

    Alan explores North-East India, visiting the Buddhist communities and mountain tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, the plains of northern Assam and the head-hunters of Nagaland.

  • Petra

    Jordan – On Foot and by Bicycle

    February 21st

    Chris Beynon

    Chris cycles and walks through Jordan, seeing biblical and Roman sites, Crusader castles, plus of course Petra, the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum.

  • Fishing expedition in Tajikistan

    One Steppe Ahead – Adventures in Asia

    March 7th

    Jamie Maddison

    Jamie set out on a 750 mile, 63 day long, horse ride across the Great Steppe of Kazakhstan before continuing on a 100 mile camel-supported run in Uzbekistan.

  • camel close-up

    Walking the Longest Wadi in Arabia

    March 21st

    Chris Bradley

    Chris became the first westerner in modern times to walk the entire length, almost 500km, of Wadi Hadramaut in Southern Arabia.

  • 3 Gauchos on horseback

    Patagonia – The Last Place Man Came

    April 4th

    John Harrison

    The last continental land man colonised was Tierra del Fuego. John meets the last survivors and explores the region where the tribes lived a hunter-gatherer existence.

  • religious fresco

    AGM & Secret Serbia

    April 25th

    Janet Parsons

    Janet explores mountains, monasteries and the beautiful landscape and historic towns of this little visited country, from the Danube to its southern border with Bulgaria.

These are the main items of the programme, but they may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. Other events will be announced at the meetings and in our newsletters.

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Members' Evenings:

Members' evenings are given during the season, for members by members, either in their own homes or in the small hall at Onslow Village Hall. Full details and bookings will be available at regular Club meetings.

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