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  • Ladakh valley

    Why We Travel

    October 3rd

    Ash Bhardwaj

    Ash reveals different motivations for travel, and how we can use them to travel better, with anecdotes from his journeys including Everest, the Bayuda Desert and Russia’s border.

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    Following the Line

    October 17th

    Charlie Walker

    Charlie completed a 5,200-mile triathlon following the border between Europe and Asia, from the midwinter snowfields of the Arctic Urals to the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

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    Life Lessons from the Amazon

    November 7th

    Pip Stewart

    The tale of Pip’s epic three-month and world-first journey following Guyana’s Essequibo River from source to sea, with the help of guides from the Waiwai indigenous community.

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    My Exploding World

    November 21st

    David Edwards

    Surprising insights and dramatic photography of many of the endlessly fascinating and awe-inspiring volcanoes, including Vesuvius and others in Iceland, Hawaii and New Zealand.

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    Social & Around the World in Eighty Trains

    December 5th

    Monisha Rajesh

    Members’ only social evening, then Monisha discusses the highs and lows of her 45,000-mile journey around the world by train, offering stories that only trains can tell.

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    Tales from the Bush

    December 12th

    Andy Skillen

    Andy talks about face-to-face encounters and close calls with wildlife on his high-octane assignments worldwide, from the slopes of the Himalayas to the Patagonian steppe.

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    A Journey into Muslim Europe

    January 16th

    Tharik Hussain

    A journey in the footsteps of Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi through a Europe that has been home to the continent’s largest indigenous Muslim community for over six centuries.

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    Photogenic Namibia

    January 30th

    Kav Dadfar

    There are very few countries where one can photograph such an array of subjects as in Namibia – dunes, rock formations, amazing tribes, coastlines, wildlife...

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    The Last Overland

    February 13th

    Alex Bescoby

    Alex recreates one of the most challenging and iconic road journeys, the 1955 Far Eastern expedition from London to Singapore, using one of the original Land Rovers.

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    Nepal – From Crocodiles to Yaks

    February 27th

    Chris Beynon

    Chris sees a cross-section of Nepal from the plains by the Indian border (here be crocs) up to 3700m in Mustang (here be yaks), along with the foothills and Kathmandu valley.

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    Lone Rider

    March 12th

    Elspeth Beard

    A two-and-a-half-year 35,000-mile solo journey through twenty-one countries around the world by motorcycle – in the 1980s, a different era before technology.

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    On the Edge of the World

    March 26th

    Alan Palmer

    In the autumn of 2022, when political stability had finally been restored, Alan returned to northern Pakistan revisiting some cherished old haunts and making new discoveries.

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    Indonesia’s Spice Islands

    April 9th

    Alex Robinson

    Alex journeys through the astonishingly beautiful Maluku and Raja Ampat archipelagos, with teeming coral reefs, beautiful beaches and pristine rainforests alive with Birds of Paradise.

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    AGM & What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    April 23rd

    Neil Pitts

    Following an 18-month battle with long COVID, Neil decided that he needed a challenge. So in the winter of 2022 he and two friends attempted to ski the length of Norway.

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